We are building the future

Stability. Strong foundation. Expected result.

We are building the future

Stability. Strong foundation. Expected result.

Our principles

Which we are guided in the process of work

A high quality

Our projects

We are proud of the result

Our advantages

Why us

The design is carried out using modern software.

Use of advanced technologies and materials.

A base of state and commercial contacts with the involvement of qualified subcontractors has been developed.

Author’s approach and clear control over the progress.



Our company is one of the leaders in the construction industry in Ukraine and has been working confidently in the construction market since 2014.

ECO-BUD-TRADE operates in the field of general construction, engineering, and transport infrastructure, both for the public and private sector.

Our company implements a full range of construction and installation work on the building construction, including housing, infrastructure and industrial construction, road construction, and more. The company has several major projects that have been successfully completed at the highest level in the foreseeable future. It is worth noting the tasks of national importance successful implementation, such as the construction of significant infrastructure projects in the city of Kyiv at the request of the city authorities.

The company’s activities are based on time-tested values.”ECO-BUD-TRADE”; uses the latest technologies based on experience, adheres to high aesthetic standards, and focuses on the best results in the shortest possible time. The success of “ECO-BUD-TRADE”; is the merit of a large team of professionals united and formed over the years for a single effort to achieve the highest quality construction.